The Evaluation Process

An informational packet containing questionnaires and standardized rating scales is sent to the family after an appointment is made.  Dr. Kuttler requests that all forms be brought completed to the first testing session.

1. Intake:  Dr. Kuttler will meet with the child’s parent(s) to gain a better understanding of the nature of the concerns, obtain further information about the child’s academic, medical, and developmental history, and learn about any social, emotional, or behavioral concerns and history.

2. Testing sessions:  Evaluations typically are scheduled over the course of two mornings.  Adolescents may have the option of completing the testing in one full day.  In general, testing takes approximately 7 contact hours.  However, depending on the nature of the problem, the individual’s attention, work pace, and number of breaks needed during the testing session(s), additional time and/or meetings may be necessary.

3. Test scoring and interpretation:  The tests and questionnaires are scored, analyzed, and interpreted to determine the reasons for the child’s difficulties.  When Dr. Kuttler interprets tests, she looks at more than just the scores; she also reviews her observations about how these scores were obtained.

4. Feedback session:  After testing is completed, an appointment will be made to review the results of the testing.  During the feedback session, a detailed written report is presented and reviewed with the family.  The child’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed, and recommendations are tailored to address the child’s specific difficulties.  Dr. Kuttler will provide a “road map” for the steps necessary for your child to become as successful as he or she can be.