Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions…

Who conducts the evaluations?

The evaluations at are conducted personally by Ami Flam Kuttler, Ph.D.

How long do the evaluations take?

The time required for psychoeducational evaluations is approximately 7 contact hours. Testing typically can be completed over the course of two mornings, but can be completed in one full day for some adolescents. Selective testing such as testing for eligibility for placement in a Gifted Program in the public school system is completed in one morning.

How long does it take to get the results?

A feedback session is typically scheduled within two weeks after the testing has been completed. The evaluation findings are discussed, specific recommendations are offered, and a comprehensive written report of the evaluation is presented to the family. Reports typically range from 15 and 25 pages in length. If there is a specific time frame within which a family needs to receive test results, this can be discussed with Dr. Kuttler, and arrangements may be able to be made.

How much do evaluations cost?

Costs vary depending on the evaluation and services needed. Call Dr. Kuttler’s office for information on fees.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Dr. Kuttler does not accept insurance because insurance companies generally do not provide reimbursement for the diagnosis of learning disorders and/or testing that is considered to be educational in nature. However, Dr. Kuttler always provides an invoice with diagnostic and procedure codes so that you can submit this to your insurance company to receive some reimbursement for the cost of the evaluation.

What information can evaluations provide?

Evaluations offer specific strategies for parents, teachers, and the child to help address the child’s difficulties and challenges. For example, teachers may be asked to give the student extra time to complete his or her work or to present information to the student in a different way. Parents may be given suggestions for getting homework completed or for helping their child study for tests. A student may be advised to use specific organizational or memory strategies when studying. Additionally, specific remediation strategies may be provided to be used by other professionals who work with the student. By the end of the evaluation process, Dr. Kuttler will have provided a “roads” to help families understand what steps need to be taken to help their child achieve his or her potential.

Do you provide therapy or counseling?

Dr. Kuttler focuses exclusively psychological evaluations in her private practice and does not provide therapy. After her evaluation is complete, however, Dr. Kuttler refers families to professionals who can help execute the recommendations made in the evaluation. Dr. Kuttler’s recommendations are based on who is most qualified to help the child given the difficulties s/he is experiencing, who she thinks would work best with the child based on personality or interpersonal style, and who might be conveniently located near the family’s home.