Evaluation Services

Families, school administrators, therapists, tutors, and other professionals appreciate the high quality of Dr. Kuttler’s psychological evaluations and reports because:

  • They are EXTREMELY COMPREHENSIVE.  Learning, attention, and emotional problems can be symptomatic of a variety of deficits; therefore all areas of cognitive, academic, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning are assessed.  For example, a child can have trouble reading, but it is impossible to know if the underlying problem is due to deficits in language, memory, processing speed, attention, or visual processing until a comprehensive evaluation is conducted.

  • They are INDIVIDUALIZED to address the specific challenges of each child and the concerns raised by each parent.  While certain tests are generally administered, additional tests are selected depending on the child’s presenting problems and profile.

  • They are EASY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND.  Dr. Kuttler’s reports are easy for parents, educators, tutors, therapists, and other professionals to read and understand.  Dr. Kuttler’s reports typically range from 15 to 25 pages in length and include an in-depth discussion and interpretation of the results.

  • They provide SPECIFIC STRATEGIES to help teachers, tutors, families, and professionals help a child learn to compensate for and/or remediate his or her weakness.

  • They offer a “ROADMAP” to help families understand what steps need to be taken to help their child achieve his or her potential.  Dr. Kuttler also provides diagnoses, which helps families access services, guides families’ and professionals’ expectations for the future, and serves as a basis for directing families to helpful resources.

  • They include PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK.  Dr. Kuttler meets with each family to ensure that it has a thorough understanding of the child’s strengths and weaknesses and what needs to be done to maximize his or her potential for success in and outside of the classroom.